There are trillions of reasons why...

Trillions in economic losses...

$2T in economic losses this year in 2020 with estimated $8T by 2022

Billions in regulatory fines...

$5B in FTC fines paid by Facebook for Cambridge Analytica privacy crisis in 2019

People care about privacy & security more than ever...

Everyone relies on tech & the Internet.

We all depend on the Internet more than ever especially after COVID-19 & coronavirus & work from home.

We risk more people not using tech & the Internet for commerce due to many risks, leaving dollars on the table.

Cyber threats are on the rise.

Ransomware, spyware, identity theft, financial fraud plus data misuse, cyber attacks and data breaches are on the rise.

Organizations that collect data must build trust with customers, comply with standards, be more resilient & maintain cyber risk insurance.

In Transparency We Must Trust.

People and Business Customers often blindly trust tech companies to safeguard their privacy and data.

Customers consent to long policies & user agreements without truly knowing if the associated company can protect their data.

Our vision

Help increase transparency of the tech industry.

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