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You will learn how your personal privacy parameters relate to the app or service's privacy policies.

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Based on the most modern web standards, devices, platforms, operating systems and eco systems from PC, mobile, IoT, AI, XR & more, highlight how companies handle data protection and trust.

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We provide you the most useful and helpful data and information on each app, site and provider to help you evaluate risks & take control of personal and data privacy with the technologies you depend on.

Why Many People Care about Privacy and Cybersecurity

Your personal data should be private

Not everything online about you is created by you. Your social media profiles contains the information you control. But what matters most is your private information — including home address, phone number and family member's names — available to anyone on public websites that you know nothing about.

Your personal data affects your life

This data affects your life. It tells friends, colleagues, even strangers, stalkers and thieves where and how you live your life. Because the information exposed about you online affects your life offline.

You should always know what, why, when, where, & how your data is used

You need to control where your private information is exposed and who's accessing it to effectively protect and monitor your reputation, privacy, and identity. We'll show you everything an app or service is doing with your data — and help users monitor the privacy and cyber security health of the service.




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