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DataPolicyTrust enables you to monitor third-party (and their vendors’) privacy risk based on Internet presence and other data aggregated over time into an immutable trustable ledger. Our unique risk-prioritized action plans rely on advanced models and analytics to prioritize by issue severity.

DataPolicyTrust creates its own privacy measurements and reports comprising more than 170 unique criteria, for the most accurate and broad picture of risk along with other information to provide a comprehensive solution.

DataPolicyTrust closely aligns with current frameworks and standards and will keep on top of changing landscape of best practices to ensure data and reports are reflecting the most current standards.

DataPolicyTrust works with and suggests as needed recommendations and potential solutions via approved and certified third party partners (assessors, auditors, solution providers and managed service providers) that are highly suited to help organiztions and teams remediate risks and gaps.

DataPolicyTrust finds risks that you may not have known were there. We take it a step further by not just identifying those risks but also by helping companies understand and solve them. DataPolicyTrust helps manage risk through customized action plans, in-depth scores, and actionable insights.

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