Step 1

Scanning the internet and monitoring the landscape

A new app, site, service gets launched or organization added to our index Company admin needs to enable the integration one time for the whole company to use.

You'll see all the data privacy and data policy information about each service you care about that's potentially exposing your data and shared or sold across the web. We even give you the ability to keep up to date with a single click.

Step 2

Assessing personal data risk

Our systems analyze the applications, related data, policies and user agreements for common questions, risks and threats and generates scorecards and an updated report and notify the original organization to disclose more information.

Define what matters to you out of the parameters we are analyzing for you. Get risk scores for each parameter that you care about.

Step 3

Tracking the privacy and cyber security standards, policies and track record of apps & services

Data is monitored, tracked and reported onto a permanent public profile 24/7

Get alerts when we find new information about the apps or services you care about. You'll also be alerted when an app or service profile updates: opportunities of interest, or threats to your privacy, reputation and identity.

Step 4

Users, organizations as well as cyber security, privacy experts and regulators can search, view and save the apps they are interested in to their dashboard easily.

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